We know that life doesn’t

always go to plan.

Whatever life throws

at you, we’re here to help.

Ezy Claims – Making Claiming on Your Personal Insurance Policy Easy

If you need help with a claim on your

Income Protection, Superannuation, Death Claims and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

you should speak with us. We can make it Easy!

How We Can Help?

Why Ezy Claims?

With over 20 years’ experience dealing with Insurance companies Ross and his team are experts in getting your claim processed efficiently.

While we can’t guarantee the outcome of your claim, we can maximise the chances of your claim being processed quickly and efficiently, meaning less stress for you and your family, in a time when you just don’t need it.

Our expertise and experience give our clients a huge advantage in ensuring that your claim can be resolved.

How do we help?

We help by liaising with insurance agencies on your behalf and helping you complete the paperwork, because sometimes there is a lot and it can be overwhelming.

What you can you expect?

You can expect us to be honest and professional in our dealings with you. We will always tell it to you straight – even if it’s not good news. We will keep you up to date on a regular basis and we will work hard on your behalf to get the best possible result from your insurer or super fund. We run a professional, yet relaxed office (No Suits and ties here!) and we understand that if you’re making a TPD Claim, life isn’t going as planned. We understand and we’re here to help.

How much will it cost?

This first appointment is always at NO COST to you, so we can evaluate your situation, look into any policies you hold and provide a written estimate on how much work we need to do on your behalf.

Every claim unique and every insurance policy is different, which is why we meet with you first to assess your situation.

We believe that our services will be of value to you, and so we want to ensure that our professional service fees reflect this. We have a number of fee structures available so there is a service package to fit for everyone.

How It Works?


You touch base with us to discuss basic background information about your claim/history.


We contact you to arrange to meet you in person or via Zoom (AT NO

COST to you), to discuss your situation in detail and we advise how we can help.


One of our team will investigate your situation further, and then to act on your behalf to maximise the probability of you getting best possible outcome for your claim.

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We can help make your claim Ezy where ever you live in Australia.


Mariners Centre of Excellence

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Mariners Centre of Excellence

Suite 411A, 1 Bryant Drive Tuggerah NSW​

Phone: 0468 399 256

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